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Erbis is a software company that values a personal and collaborative approach with clients. We incorporate this approach into our software development process, providing custom software solutions designed to best suit our client’s specific requirements in all business sectors.

Our team is comprised of experienced full stack developers, capable of overseeing the entire development cycle and undertaking the implementation of modern and intuitive design features .

We are passionate about delivering customised, flexible and cost efficient software solutions.


Our software engineering team utilizes cutting edge design practices in conjunction with high-level programming languages to develop intuitive and modern client-side applications. Our front end development process incorporates user-interface and user-experience (UI/UX) design methodologies, providing us with valuable insight into what features and functionality users require.

To develop and deliver high quality front end solutions, our experienced engineering team uses industry leading programing languages and frameworks, including JavaScript, Angular, Typescript, HTML5, CSS, Vue.js and React. We are passionate about developing client side infrastructure that delivers an intuitive and seamless user experience.


Front End

Back End <br>Development


Back End

Similarly to front end development, our team utilizes high-level programming languages and frameworks to develop the server-side infrastructure of software applications. This back end development process involves the creation of three core components: servers, applications, and databases. All three are necessary to build a back end solution that effectively communicates data to the browser.

To build an effective back end solution that will increase the responsiveness and speed of the application, and to create dynamic web applications that have the ability to store database information, we utilize multiple languages and frameworks. Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP and the .Net framework are used to effectively program dynamic and efficient back end code, providing full functionality for the front end solution.

Being able to tap into an application’s capabilities while on the move is an essential feature of modern software development. Mobile applications must be lightweight, have an intuitive user-interface, be compatible with mobile operating systems, and deliver a fully functional service equivalent to desktop and web software counterparts.

To achieve an optimal final product, our team of software developers build the mobile application using modern and innovative programming languages and their respective frameworks such as Swift, Kotlin, Ionic, React native and Java.

Our mobile applications are cross-compatible and run on Android, iOS and Hybrid operating systems. We provide mobile application development from scratch including the development of both front and back end infrastructures, ensuring the final product is lightweight, flexible, stable and most importantly portable.



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IoT <br>Development



The production of billions of devices and the introduction of smart functionality and connectivity has resulted in an expansive technological ecosystem known as the Internet of Things. IoT is used to describe devices that can send and receive data over the Internet without any required human interaction. Watches, televisions, phones and even fridges are considered IoT devices.

We successfully utilize our knowledge of back end development, front end, and mobile app development to engineer increased IoT functionality into applications and devices. Through the use of both high and low-level programming languages, we create software that supports IoT features such as sensors, embedded wireless technology, and cloud solutions. We are passionate about engineering software that facilitates IoT capabilities, contributing to a more connected society.




The concept of more effective communication between previously disparate software development departments has revolutionized the software engineering process. DevOps practices are now prevalent in every major software company, consistently being utilized to create a more efficient, productive and harmonious office workflow.

At Erbis our team of software engineers are experienced in implementing Agile DevOps practices into the application development cycle. Our DevOps capabilities include the development of end-to-end data pipelines providing a central code repository and facilitating continuous integration, implementing automation into testing procedures, and optimizing cloud storage solutions.

Our DevOps solution results in a quicker deployment time, a more stable final product and an optimized development cycle.

An application is only as valuable as the experience it delivers to the user. The design and development of high-quality and intuitive user-interfaces (UI) and user-experiences (UX) are two of the most crucial components of a successful application deployment. The UI should be easy to use, visually appealing and provide the user with full functionality of the application’s capabilities. Following proper UI design practices are critical to engineering a positive and engaging user-experience.

Here at Erbis, we utilize innovative design practices to craft optimal user-interfaces and experiences. Our UI/UX design process involves beta testing to gather valuable feedback from key demographics, advanced testing, and debugging protocols to diagnose defects in the early stages. We also perform application maintenance to ensure that the product keeps up to date and is adaptable to market change.



Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

The competitiveness of the software market has continued to increase, and due to this, companies are often rushing to deploy their product without implementing proper quality control checks and quality assurance plans. Quality Assurance (QA) testing is a core component of high-quality software development; it ensures that the developed application does not have any harmful bugs or defects.

To effectively implement QA standards, we utilize testing and debugging tools that have been optimized through automation. We decide on specific test cases, these cases are often tests that involve repetitive tasks, require multiple data sets, that are more prone to human error and that are impossible to manually test. We utilize auto-testing on these specific test cases to focus and isolate a feature and ensure that it retains functionality with the rest of the application.

Additionally, we perform audits to determine the most appropriate time to conduct Quality Assurance tests and run cloud computing QA tests to ensure the application has cloud compatibility.

Our Quality Assurance strategy is meticulous, and we therefore guarantee that the deployed application will have been thoroughly tested, resulting in a stable and secure final product.


We value the feedback we receive from our clients and are happy to share our success stories. Have a look at some of our previous software engineering projects.

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Case #1.

Supply Chain Data Service

Since 2015 we have been helping a San Francisco based Supply Chain Company implement a supply chain management system. We have utilized Java, Oracle, SaaS, AWS and Angular JS to:

  • Re-architect the system using a new scalable microservice architecture

  • Create new REST API’s to migrate a new application frontend

  • Build new web forms that integrate into customer portals

  • Maintain support of existing platforms while delivering new features to existing companies.

I'm extremely pleased with Erbis' ability to be proactive and their communication skills. They have proven to be very trustworthy partners. Erbis isn't simply trying to bring in resources that would maximize their profit margin; they've scrutinized resources and candidates before introducing them to our team. It was a surprise to find a group that takes so much pride in building a team. The result is a reliable long-term partner.
President, Supply Chain Data Service
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Supply Chain Data Service

Case #2.

Bence Command

Erbis was tasked with creating the software part of the project, which includes full redesign of the main dashboard, IoT, Front-End, and Back-End Development. The solution is based on a system that integrates all 3rd party sensors via a robust vehicle bus of CAN standard (Controller Area Network)

This solution creates an integrated and fully mobile small cell network that can be deployed instantaneously on-site, for Emergency Services
Lindsay Cumberbatch, an ICT Manager at Bence Command
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Bence Command

Case #3.

Advanced print mis and enterprise resource planning (erp) solution

We created full-stack engineering services including planning, requirements management, architecture, development, quality assurance, and product support. ”wPrint” is a browser-based print management solution. It provides a tool for setting prices and discounts based on individual customer price lists. It integrates with several accounting and plot management systems to export data for audit and tax reporting.

Our internal feedback, as well as that of customers, shows that the quality of Erbis' work is great. We're not buying specific development for a specific case, but rather we utilize a wide spectrum of expertise and resources from Erbis, including quality assurance and business analysis. Outsourcing quality testing to them is a statement of Erbis' work. We've never experienced a big number of defects, which is crucial for our company.
IT manager responsible for strategic IT decisions across the group
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Advanced print mis and enterprise resource planning (erp) solution

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