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Innovative solutions to quickly boost your automotive product’s presence on the market.

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Software Development for Automotive Suppliers

New technologies, being the most significant force in the automotive sector, affect everyone, including OEMs, vehicle manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, supply chain executives, and transportation providers.

At present, tech-enabled automotive businesses are closer than ever to competing with established industry leaders. We can help you kick-start your project and reach customers in the automotive market as quickly as possible, while keeping software quality and reliability at the highest level.

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Software Development for Automotive Suppliers
Automotive Software Development Services:

  • 01.
    Automotive embedded
    software development
    To deliver exceptional automotive software solutions for your products, we rely on our skilled developers with 10+ years of expertise in automotive software engineering.
  • 02.
    Cloud migration &
    big data
    We can help you improve your long-term operational strategy with smooth and integrated cloud computing. As transportation and vehicle data becomes a valuable asset to the automotive industry, we have the capacity and expertise to utilize it in the most productive way.
  • 03.
    ML and AI for the
    automotive industry
    Smarter solutions lead to smarter decisions. We can enhance your software capabilities by implementing machine learning and AI, which are now an integral part of the technology used for the automotive industry.
  • 04.
    IT consulting &
    We provide steady and long-term maintenance of your software with a goal to improve it, whether it be technical support, implementing new solutions or IT consulting.
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Software solutions for the automotive industry

  • ERP for automotive
    As managing automotive businesses becomes more complex due to emerging models and tech solutions, it is crucial for companies to have top-notch automotive software. We can help build customized, multifunctional ERPs for your project’s needs.
  • IoT for fleet
    Smart vehicles and fleet management software are becoming a prime target for automotive industry players, especially OEMs. We can help you embed connectivity solutions to unlock your product’s full potential.
  • Automotive cloud
    With massive amounts of data from the automotive ecosystem, companies are looking for ways to use it more efficiently. We can reduce time-to-market by applying automation and innovative automotive cloud solutions.
  • Enterprise mobility
    Shared mobility is believed to be one of the critical technology trends in the automotive industry that will define this coming decade. Top-tier automotive companies and OEMs will need scalable mobile solutions to sustain demand. Our team can help build innovative and disruptive software in the emerging market category.
Looking for ways to expand to the automotive market more quickly?

We can provide you with effective automotive software engineering, versatile functionality, and services to reduce time-to-market speed. We understand that increasing market competition requires flexibility, but also exceptional quality and product safety. No matter if you are an established enterprise in the automotive business, an automotive OEM, or an innovative technology startup, we can tackle your challenges with integrated and scalable automotive industry software.

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Looking for ways to expand to the automotive market more quickly?
Why Erbis?

  • Expertise
    We have more than 10 years of extensive experience in kick-starting innovative products for the automotive industry and helping enterprises enhance their software solutions. We know the main challenges automobile industry players face, and are ready to offer our expertise along with our dedicated teams, who are up-to-date with the latest technology trends in the automotive market.
  • Augmented team of professionals
    By harnessing the best talent on the market, we build augmented teams to enhance your business and help you rapidly reach your goals. After assessing your company’s needs and requirements for outsourcing or outstaffing, we will assign experts whose experience and skills best match your business goals.
  • Strategic approach
    We understand how flexible, scalable, and safe automotive software solutions should be. Depending on your company’s requirements, we can help with diversifying enterprise solutions or building your innovative product from scratch.

We value the feedback we receive from our clients and are happy to share our success stories. Have a look at some of our previous software engineering projects.

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