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Maintaining and Re-Architecting a Supply Chain Management System

Erbis is helping one of the leading global logistics IT providers maintain and re-architect their on-demand platform for global supply chain visibility and execution. This supply chain solution is used by Fortune 500 companies, and aggregates data from more than 40 of the largest US carriers.

Technologies used: Java EE, Oracle Database, Microservices, WildFly, AWS, Angular

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supply chain management system

Cloud Structure for SaaS

The client's customers needed a potent partner to maintain their application on a modern and flexible cloud base. Thus the client required infrastructure that would be elastic, scalable, and more cost-effective than their existing IBM cloud solution.

Technologies used: AWS, EC2, RDS, Java, Spring, Spring Cloud, BigData, Hadoop, Kafka, Apache Flink, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2

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Re-architecture Cloud Structure for SaaS

Building an Advanced Print MIS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

Erbis is helping a digital printing company improve their business operations by replacing a legacy system with a new software solution for resource planning and print management. This new solution automates key elements in the printing workflow, streamlining operations and optimizing business growth.

Technologies used: Spring, Java, Google Web Toolkit, MySQL, JPA/Hibernate, Errai

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w print

Mobile app development for a property management software vendor

In just several months, Erbis has created a fully fledged service for a leading property management software vendor in the Netherlands. Since the project came to us at an early stage, it required significant improvement including UI/UX design, new features development, and database system implementation.

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property management app

Re-architecting embeddable monitoring console for vehicle manufacturer

Erbis was tasked with creating the software part of the project, which includes full redesign of the main dashboard, IoT, Front-End, and Back-End Development. The solution is based on a system that integrates all 3rd party sensors via a robust vehicle bus of CAN standard (Controller Area Network).

Technologies used: React, Python, JavaScript, Java, and CAN-Bus

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Bence Command

Providing Full-Stack Development for a Construction Workflow Management Solution

A large provider of construction solutions hired Erbis as their development partner to implement a complex system that automates all construction project workflows in a single, centralized platform. The system provides advanced bidding/tendering functionality and complies with strict European laws and regulations.

Technologies used: AWS, Spring, MS SQL Server, Angular, JPA/Hibernate

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project web

Implementing a Construction Defect Management App for iOS and Android

Track is a module that is fully integrated into the Construction Workflow Management solution (see the case study). It is a mobile inspection system implemented for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets by Erbis. The app allows users to register defects in large-scale construction projects with the help of a phone camera.

Technologies used: Spring, PostgreSQL, Angular, iOS, Android, Ionic Framework

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track app

Developing a Medical Microbiology Research System for a Non-Profit Organization

A Swiss medical microbiology non-profit organization that researches tuberculosis in low- and middle-income countries turned to Erbis to develop a system that could help them aggregate their research data. This system helps researchers improve tuberculosis diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies.

Technologies used: Java, Spring, Angular, PostgreSQL, AWS, JPA/Hibernate

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Implementing an EHR System to Support Clinical Research for a Pharmaceutical Company

A European pharmaceutical company turned to Erbis to build an electronic health record system that helps pharmacists optimize the administration of clinical trials. The system aggregates results of clinical research and allows users to create, store, and capture data on patients, clinical trials, and billing.

Technologies used: MongoDB, EclipseLink, Java, Spring, JQuery, MySQL

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w health

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