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We help develop, integrate, and implement software that will move your healthcare product forward. Custom software we create will make your innovations happen.

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At 16% CAGR, the global healthcare IT market size will reach $390 billion by 2024. Erbis keeps a finger on the pulse and is continually searching for new opportunities to build and optimize your software for growing needs. Factors impacting healthcare market growth:

  • Government support of IT solutions
  • Rising use of big data in healthcare
  • High returns on investments
  • Population aging
  • Evolving consumer expectations
  • Innovative care delivery models
  • The growing volume of global healthcare data
  • Wearables
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Erbis is a sophisticated software provider to manage an efficient and secure IT network within the medical or clinical environment. We're continually working on advanced medical imaging and AI applications so that you can deliver the best-in-class patient experience.

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How we can help your business with a customized solution

  • Enable remote care and therapy planning
  • Improve software performance
  • Minimize human work and errors
  • Improve data sharing and storage
  • Ensure cybersecurity
  • Delight users and retain customers
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We do due diligence to ensure your product stands futureproof and fits the market.

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What would you like to implement?

  • EHR/EMR integrations
  • HIPAA/HITRUST compliance
  • Telemedicine
  • Online billing
  • Data export
  • Educational Apps
  • Health tracking
Empower your business with a top-tier healthcare solution.

The vision and technology that we provide will help you move one step forward and deliver better care.

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Your product can work for:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinical research
  • Medical laboratories
  • Medical software vendors
  • Startups
  • Insurance companies
  • Care and wellness centers

Case #1.

Developing a Medical Microbiology Research System for a Non-Profit Organization

A Swiss medical microbiology non-profit organization that researches tuberculosis in low- and middle-income countries turned to Erbis to develop a system that could help them aggregate their research data. This system helps researchers improve tuberculosis diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies.

Technologies used:

  • Java,

  • Spring,

  • Angular,

  • PostgreSQL,

  • AWS,

  • JPA/Hibernate.

Developing a Medical Microbiology Research System for a Non-Profit Organization

Case #2.

Implementing an EHR System to Support Clinical Research for a Pharmaceutical Company

A European pharmaceutical company turned to Erbis to build an electronic health record system that helps pharmacists optimize the administration of clinical trials. The system aggregates results of clinical research and allows users to create, store, and capture data on patients, clinical trials, and billing.

Technologies used:

  • MongoDB,

  • EclipseLink,

  • Java,

  • Spring,

  • JQuery,

  • MySQL.

Implementing an EHR System to Support Clinical Research for a Pharmaceutical Company

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