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Transform the digital finance world by providing cutting-edge solutions.

Make your fintech idea a reality
Tailored for Your Business

React to market moves with fully secure and robust fintech software. Our purpose is to determine opportunities and craft innovative solutions for business growth.

We develop:

  • Finance software
  • Payment engines
  • Security systems
  • Mobile payments
  • P2P money transfers
  • Trading platforms
  • Digital banking solutions
  • Stock trading data visualization
  • Blockchain solutions for finance
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Tailored for Your Business
Our software helps with

  • Payments gateway integration
    Get the popular and trusted providers serving your digital needs (Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, etc).
  • Financial fraud
    Oversee the entire financial crime, risk compliance and customer support systems with tailor-made solutions.
  • Data anomalies
    Centralize alerts and events for your fraud investigation and fraud compliance reporting.
  • Cybersecurity management
    Protect your environment from cyber attacks, intrusions, malware and other types of data breaches.

How we approach custom fintech software development

  • AI and ML

    Automate vital organizational processes with AI.

    Use ML for fraud prevention, risk management, fund development prediction, and customer service.
  • RPA

    Allow robots collect statistics, calculate numeric values, extract summaries, and manage regulatory documentation 24/7.
  • Blockchain

    Encrypt each transaction to leave no penetration possibilities for hacking attacks. Expand internationally with tokenization.
  • RegTech

    Benefit from recent fintech innovations for reporting and compliance management. Follow legal requirements by keeping track of new restrictions in a single database.
  • Conversational banking

    Provide customers with preferred ways of communication and save millions on resources.
  • IoT

    Speed up financial processes with IoT, both internally and externally.
We speak a proper language

The principal programming language of fintech software solutions is Java.
Java is the primary expertise of our developers for over 10 years. However, we check each case to find the most effective to help you stay at the top of the game. Don’t miss out the opportunity to extend your team with our niche talents.

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We speak a proper language

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