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Discovery phase checks the validity of a business idea before software development starts. It describes the economical and technical sides of a project and estimates the resources needed for its implementation.

At Erbis, we run the discovery phase to shape the final work scope for your project. Our experts conduct business analysis and perform engineering scans to provide you with a coherent project plan.

How discovery phase work

The discovery phase usually takes no longer than one month. However, it may be finished faster or later depending on the project specifics and the client's needs. During this time, the Erbis team produces the documentation and product artifacts needed to start software implementation.

Week 1

The Business Analyst completes market research and studies the competitive environment. They study similar products, determine the target audience, and identify current business needs. Additionally, they specify the problems their product would solve and outline risks.

Week 2

UI/UX designer creates a wireframe - a black and white sketch that shows the future product structure. Then goes a prototype - an interactive model that demonstrates not only how the product will look, but also how it will work.

Week 3

The Solution Architect draws an architecture diagram that shows the software components, their relationships, and properties. It also conveys connections with external components such as users, databases, and services..

Week 4

The project team creates a project plan which includes product implementation steps, tasks backlog, and approximate deadlines. The plan outlines long-term and short-term goals and the ways to achieve them.


Upon completion of the discovery phase, you will receive a documented
description of the project flow presented by the following artifacts:

SRS (Software Requirements Specifications)
Functional and non-functional product requirements and use cases.
Architecture Diagrams
A visual representation of all system elements and facilitate understanding of product logic and structure.
Technology stack detailed description
Technologies to be used: programming languages, IT infrastructure, frameworks, cloud services, third-parties
A clickable product model that mimics its real look and feel and shows how the user will interact with the app.
Project plan
Work scope, milestones, technology stack, team members, and approximate deadlines.
Cost and time estimates
Calculation of how long it will take to complete certain tasks and how much it will cost to develop specific functionality.

Our team

A typical discovery phase team consists of three people: Business Analyst, Solution Architect, UI/UX Designer.
Business Analyst
researches the market, competitors and users. They create a product strategy explaining product goals and means to achieve them.
Solution Architect
produces a software concept and then transfers the project to the development team for technical implementation.
UI/UX Designer
works on user experience and app interfaces. They are responsible for product convenience and harmonious visual appeal.

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