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Providing Full-Stack Development for a Construction Workflow Management Solution

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Construction projects require collaboration among owners, contractors, and project managers at many different organizations. To successfully complete a project, all team members need to define specific workflows and then control the execution of those workflows across the team.

Over the past five years, Erbis has been involved in the development of a system that automates workflow management for construction projects.

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The Construction Workflow Management solution provides an advanced document management system that keeps records of the various versions of documents created and modified by different users. The system has a rights management module that allows administrators to give access to documents to individuals or to groups of people.

The solution also provides tender management functionality, various reporting and statistics tools, and integration with digital print vendors.

  • SaaS
  • AWS
  • Spring
  • Angular
  • JPA/Hibernate

Key facts

The Construction Workflow Management solution has been implemented in the cloud using a multi-tenancy architecture and is distributed on a premium contract basis. The platform is independent of organization, and therefore fair to all participants in a project.

Thousands of construction tenders have already gone through this system, and it has helped many organizations reduce risks associated with inefficient management of workflows across multiple project stakeholders.

  • 15,000+
    project duration (hours)
  • 7+
    Team size
  • Denmark
    client location
  • 14,000
    Construction tenders

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