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Maintaining and Re-Architecting a Supply Chain Management System

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The complexity of supply chain operations brings about a number of inefficiencies that cost businesses significant amounts of time and money. One of the main causes of these inefficiencies is lack of visibility along supply chains.

Erbis is helping a San Francisco-based company implement a supply chain management system to solve this problem. The system provides visibility for global supply chains, helping to enhance collaboration between multiple suppliers, customers, and supply chain partners by providing real-time insights about delivery costs, transactions, and other relevant supply chain information.

supply management system

Erbis has been working on this project since 2015. During this time, Erbis has completed the following:

  • Re-architected the system using a new scalable microservice architecture.
  • Created REST APIs to migrate to a new app frontend.
  • Built new web forms that integrate into customer portals.
  • Supported existing platforms while delivering new features to existing customers.
  • Java EE 7
  • Oracle
  • SaaS
  • Microservices
  • AWS
  • Angular JS
Key facts

Erbis’ supply chain management solution aggregates data from more than 40 US-based carriers and provides analytics tools that help companies not only control their shipping rates but also negotiate better contracts and identify fraudulent activities.
This solution is used by Fortune 500 companies, helping them reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Erbis has been engaged with this project for more than two years as a core team that has remained fully involved throughout the project.

  • Silicon Valley
    client location
  • 30K+
    concurrent users
  • 4+TB
    Database size
  • Top 100
    Logistics IT providers
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