Building Advanced Print MIS and ERP Solution

Digital Printing ERP Java

To enhance the efficiency of processes and optimize costs, digital printing companies need to adopt modern technologies.

When a large German digital printing company turned to Erbis Cloud Services, it already had a legacy system that had been developed more than ten years ago. What this company needed was a completely new solution that could help it automate key elements in the printing workflow, including account management, point-of-sale operations, production management, and sales analysis.

w print


Erbis Cloud Services offered full-stack engineering services including planning, requirements management, architecture, development, quality assurance, and product support.

wPrint is a browser-based print management solution that provides a tool for setting prices and discounts based on individual customer price lists. wPrint integrates with a number of accounting and plot management software systems (such as Simba and Plancom Repromanager) to export data for audit and tax reporting.

  • Spring
  • Google web toolkit
  • Hibernate
  • Java
  • Errai
  • MySQL

Key facts

The Print MIS and ERP system collects, organizes, and presents customer information in a format that improves communication, speeds production, reduces errors, and boosts performance.

The solution has been installed at 25 production facilities in Germany, successfully helping them provide order estimates and manage production, customer accounts, and sales. The system serves as a point-of-sale for printing shops. It has processed more than 100,000 orders so far.

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    project duration (years)
  • 25+
    Production facilities
  • Germany
    client location
  • 8+
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