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Get support within minutes after the need arises with Erbis technical and client support services.

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Businesses are always striving to gain knowledge and master various skills, be successful, and keep up with innovations. Companies of different levels and focuses all need special structure, which influence the quality and success of projects - technical and client support services. Technical support service is essential to the customer interaction process.

It facilitates effective communication, customer service after the purchase, as well assistance to customers in resolving specific issues that arise when using their product.

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First-level email and voice customer support is a must in today's world. This service allows your customers and users instantaneous access to answers.

Overall, voice customer support is the most popular customer support method: 73% of voice customer support customers report satisfaction, compared to 44% for online chat, and 61% for email. Email support makes use of one of the most popular, reliable communication platforms: email.

Using Erbis resources has proven its benefits more than once:

  • Modern software

  • Automation of all processes

  • A wide range of competencies

  • Effectively organized technical support departments

  • Round-the-clock acceptance of applications

  • Layered job structure

  • Even load distribution


First-level Email and Voice Customer Support
Production Development Support


Production Development Support

Innovative tech can make or break your business. It can quickly set your enterprise apart as a dominant leader your market. Erbis agile methodologies can quickly produce a working prototype to help you get your product to the marketplace as fast as possible. Our customizable product and software development team use framework and methodologies that help clients reduce production lifecycle and improve release management.

We are using the best DevOps practices, making your development process both efficient and cost-effective. We are proud to give our clients all the competitive advantages and tools needed to succeed. Erbis provides technology, assurance, and proven practices to produce integrated software solutions.

The benefits of using Erbis services for production development support include:

  • Individual approach to each project, no matter the size or industry of your product

  • Advanced customization that is tailor-made for your team and its needs

  • Personal approach to key people in the organization

  • Availability of the cloud security services and consulting from anywhere in the world

  • Training for key business users to learn essential digital skills more modern business

Stability management is essential for any business. Every project is associated with uncertainty and risk. Therefore, stability is one of the main concerns at all stages of the life cycle. The risk in a project can have not only a negative, but also a positive impact. It can lead to an improvement in the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the final goals. There are negative risks, positive risks, and unforeseen circumstances.

Stability analysis is a versatile tool for measuring stability, and multi-phase maturity and risk analysis. Erbis is here to help you with any risk assessments from the autonomy ratio, as well as the financial leverage ratio to the ROI coefficient and the equity maneuverability ratio.

Get your fears dealt with:

  • Risk management

  • Risk management planning

  • Risk identification

  • Qualitative risk analysis

  • Quantitative risk analysis

  • Risk response planning

  • Risk monitoring and control


Stability Analysis
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Security Assessment


Security Assessment

A security assessment is the best way to safeguard your data. Anti-virus software, firewalls, and encryption technology are great, but sadly not enough to sit back and let technology protect you from a malicious cyber attack.

Every business needs IT security strategy and regular checks to avoid data breaching and safeguard itself from vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. Luckily, nowadays you can feel really secure with a little help from timely network security assessment.

In terms of security assessment, Erbis can provide:

  • Internal preliminary assessment that reveals grave security gaps

  • Regular testing of your organization's security preparedness

  • Checks for vulnerabilities in your IT systems and business processes

  • Recommendations to lower the risk of future attacks

  • Tips for keeping your systems up to date

  • Security policy check-ups

  • HIPAA security risk assessment or GDPR compliance


We value the feedback we receive from our clients and are happy to share our success stories. Have a look at some of our previous technical & client support services.

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Case #1.

Data migration and risk assessment
We achieved quantitative and qualitative results within just a couple of months! Erbis successfully partnered with our team to implement a multi-level data migration process and security assessment.
The team was responsive, prepared, and ready to make progress at every juncture.
Technical Advisor

Case #2.

Complete security check-up
Erbis advised us in the selection and launch of a new cloud platform. They've gone through every risk assessment done in the past, before creating a complete risk assessment report, including policies and compliances.

The team's depth of knowledge and experience were very beneficial to our process. Every Erbis consultant was professional, dependable, and easy to work with!
Senior Business Analyst

Case #3.

Brand new client approach
Erbis provided valuable insights, advice, and real-life considerations for implementing and using new support policies. It was just we needed to access a new level of efficiency and get better client satisfaction rates.
Senior Associate

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