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In the next few years, business will become primarily cloud-based and designed to increase the efficiency and utilization of the cloud infrastructure. Erbis allows you to ensure your data safety and successful application deployments with cutting-edge Big Data and Cloud Migration solutions. These days, applications run on high-performance computers. The transfer of such applications to the cloud requires expertise and high-level technical capabilities.

To work in the cloud, Erbis uses scalable and efficient data management methods, fast networks and storage systems, as well as very strict quality control and service requirements. For calculations to be performed quickly and efficiently, Erbis processing applications operate on high-performance technology and possess virtually unlimited scalability.

We provide our clients with access to the computing infrastructure and infrastructure which integrate sophisticated Big Data migration, transfer, and management systems for their strategic goals

Gain big data solution

Prevent repatriation by choosing a reliable cloud migration partner. In a few years, cloud applications will become the corporate standard. Enterprises choose Erbis to transfer most of their workload to the cloud gradually.

Our multi-cloud strategies and database cloud services are designed to increase infrastructure flexibility and reduce costs. We strive to prevent any failure of cloud-migration initiatives by choosing a methodology that fits your business goals and growth pace.

Companies sometimes decide to return software to local environments after finding that the transition to the cloud has led to problems with latency, security, and even difficulty complying with regulatory requirements. To avoid cost overruns and system slowdowns, and achieve the most uptime, choose Erbis cloud migration services.

Our large-scale systems will fit your technical needs and specifications. We will enhance connectivity, prevent potential cloud migration problems, and help with your transition to the next level, as well as to the cloud.


Cloud Migration

Database Service


Database Service

Gain exceptional dataset management flexibility in the cloud. Erbis cloud migration strategies offer an intelligent, scalable service that provides enhanced core compatibility and investment returns. Migrate your applications, data sets, and infrastructure data, or create new ones to fulfill your mission-critical business needs. Get with Erbis database service all the benefits of the cloud environment: automation, unlimited support, unified management, and a cloud-based billing model.

Gain scalability and high availability for computing and storage without sacrificing performance. Scale the application on-demand with any availability level, restore large databases in minutes, and use computing and storage resources separately for maximum flexibility.

With Erbis data warehousing concepts and sustainable software architecture, you can cut costs, enhance data security, use data discovery and classification, and assess vulnerabilities by using a single, advanced database service.

Get your data into the AWS vault-level warehouse to leverage every bit with no downside whatsoever. Use Erbis data- warehouse - built for any data- load and globally operating apps to store and synchronize app data at any scale.

Cloud database allows AWS cloud migration techniques and lets you easily save, store, sync, and structure data in any way you like, build hierarchies to store related data, and retrieve any piece of data you need in a moment's time.

Get access to AWS repository for information that allows for smooth data flow and business intelligence inquiries. Gain easy and cost-efficient access to data and analytics indispensable to businesses in today’s competitive economy. Extract insights from your information, monitor performance, and speed-up the decision making by having a secure gateway to business reports powered by data warehouses. Erbis data warehousing concepts and services guarantee an efficient and reliable way to deliver results at blazing speed.


Data Warehousing

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Big Data


Big Data

We provide Big Data Services that will make your data and intel sing! Check out Erbis Big Data services, to gain the upper hand and a fully managed, enterprise-level workflow in the cloud.

We’re offering businesses the ability to make smarter decisions and become more successful by using the power of big data. Help yourself to deliver better products to your customers efficiently and with agility by infusing your operation with big data analytics.

Use your data in the best way: enhance your applications with access to all the comprehensive collection of data sources as part of our Big Data as a service offer. Start saving on workload costs and improving your client experiences today! Gain better performance while you manage your environment and only pay for what you use.

Erbis Big Data computing services and infrastructure management will provide added power and security to your business plan and process.

Data Science & Machine Learning


Data Science & Machine Learning

Get additional value out of your data, gain insights, and avoid data environment fragmentation with Erbis. Optimize intelligent workflows by incorporating data science algorithms into your business development strategies. Use machine learning for risk assessment and prevention. Get both custom data and “analytics as a service” to gain control of your data and start leveraging actionable intel and ML-driven solutions.

Erbis has developed blueprints, roadmaps, and strategies to maximize your data-driven intelligent workflows. Contact our experts to uncover the importance of data science projects for gaining a competitive edge. Get as much control over the data infrastructure as you need. Get up and running in the blink of an eye with Python machine learning in the hosting environment of your choice.


We value the feedback we receive from our clients and are happy to share our success stories. Have a look at some of our previous Big Data and Cloud Migration projects.

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Case #1.

Custom enterprise-level software development for web, desktop, and mobile

Erbis has been a long-term software development partner for a large privately owned company with 350 employees in Denmark and Germany. The scope of the project included creating a business analysis and full-stack development, including database automatization, back-end services, application distribution channels, web front-ends, desktop applications, as well as iOS and Android app development

Erbis' members are passionate about what they do, which is essential. They have a desire only to attract top-notch employees who want to build a better solution for customers. Erbis has members who can work in a team, communicate with the customer, and obtain great results.
IT manager responsible for strategic IT decisions across the group
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Custom enterprise-level software development for web, desktop, and mobile

Case #2.

Custom software and platform development for cloud solution tool

Erbis team performed back-end data mapping to seamlessly integrate an existing platform with an external cloud-based module.

Erbis performed all tasks on time, did excellent work, and provided useful feedback beyond the scope of the project. My team and I enjoyed not only the results but the whole process of working with the Erbis team. Personally, I liked the expertise supplied by Erbis Cloud Services during the architecture consultations. They even offered suggestions and expertise for other parts of the system than the ones they built.
Cloud Solution Tool Owner Frankfurt, Germany

Case #3.

Cloud-based strain database creation for collaborative lab research

Erbis constructed a cloud database designed to upload and collect data on virtual disease strains. The solution provided gives researchers access to data on strains known to contain mutations so they can request specific experiments, information, or specimens directly. Plus, it provided access to collaborative space depending on specifics of particular strains accessible by users worldwide.

Erbis came up with multiple improvements for our specifications. Early testing shows that the work result exceeds initial expectations. Erbis team have delivered excellent results, often suggesting add-ons to improve functionality. The Erbis’ team involved in our project were in touch whenever we had a request or an announcement to make. Erbis also had the best compelling price and time frame for the project.
Senior biostatistician and the head of the data management team, FIND
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Cloud-based strain database creation for collaborative lab research

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