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Implementing a Construction Defect Management App for iOS and Android


In the construction sector, quality is a fundamental concern. But on-site quality inspection and defect management is typically time consuming, and may introduce human errors.

Track is a defect management application that uses mobile technology to detect, place, and solve defects generated in the execution phase of a construction project. Erbis implemented this solution as part of the Construction Workflow Management system.


The Track application has advanced mapping capabilities and allows users to register defects, captured with the help of a phone camera, on a construction floor map. After defects have been registered, they go through an advanced customizable workflow. At the end, a report is created for the responsible party.

This application was developed using cross-platform mobile development tools and is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Spring Cloud
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Ionic
Key facts

This defect management application maximizes construction quality and improves construction management of building projects. It helps to ensure that construction projects comply with applicable standards, specifications, and guidelines.

The Track app is distributed only as part of the Construction Workflow Management Solution, and is used by subcontractors. Since its launch, the app has tracked thousands of construction issues.

  • 10,000+
    project duration (hours)
  • 5+
    Team size
  • Denmark
    client location
  • 5000+
    Issues tracked
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