Only Senior Software Engineers

Our team consists of experienced programmers who are excellent at playing complementary roles as technical writers, project managers, and business analysts.


Architecture First

We aim to develop software products based on the modern architecture best practices. The "architecture first" principle helps us develop systems that are easy to support and extend over time. Dedicating a certain amount of time to designing the core and layers of a software solution, we make it durable in time and easy to maintain by anyone later on.

scheme architecture scheme architecture

Collaboration and accountability

scheme-collaboration scheme-collaboration

Agile and Scrum as an Underlying Software Development Framework

This combo has proved to be really efficient for meeting any project’s needs. We rely on the Scrum framework to carry out short and specific meetings. Our approach is to split the whole development process into bi-monthly sprints. This means that our clients can see the progress on a regular basis. Should you decide to give us an assignment today, we’ll have something show to you in as little as 2 weeks! To reach the highest level of client satisfaction, we also apply Agile best practices.

culture scrum
culture scrum
culture scrum
culture scrum

Avid followers of Agile methodologies

Our mission is to be a reliable technology partner for our clients