Are You Ready to Migrate?

This Cloud Migration Guide is our latest contribution to Erbis business educational strategy. This study is made for all those who run online business and concern about cost-effectiveness, scalability, high performance, security, and remote access.

6 minutes read

Get the most out of our expertise.

You will learn:

  • 4 occasions for migration
  • 8 ways to save funds 
  • 5 types of migration strategy
  • 4 rules for finding a partner
  • AWS, Azure, or Google – what to choose?

Our Migration Guide will help you to make an important decision in your business strategy – to migrate or not to migrate.

We’ve combined best practices with our experience and came up with an organized and logical structure. This paper will conduct you through the complex migration process highlighting the principal migration stages and warning possible bottlenecks. The most practical thing it provides is the answer – to migrate or not to migrate?

In the next 6 minutes, you’ll know more about reasons to migrate and the competitive advantages of cloud adoption. We analyze the most appropriate time for your big move and provide you with a clear action plan. 

Get some tips on how to rethink your IT infrastructure and select a reliable partner among many. Choosing the best migrating path can be a bone of contention, too. We’ve detailed and visualized 5 existing ways of migration, with their pros and cons. 

Not sure about the provider? Please take a look at our comparative table with the leading vendors featured. And last but not least, stumble upon possible bottlenecks now, rather than at the midway.

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