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How We Work

We create multi-functional autonomous teams that deliver true value to our customers.

What do we do?

We build custom software for enterprises that are expanding their businesses and looking for ways to stand out in a crowded market. We empower existing IT teams and build new ones according to the needs and requirements of the customers.

How do we do it?

We engage only senior-level experts, who are passionate about modern trends and technologies and are constantly perfecting their skills. As a result, we provide the best possible solutions which will help save hundreds of hours and substantial expenses.

What makes us different?

Projects are not just about development. We also pay considerable attention to the discovery phase, quality assurance, and post-development support. We inspire confidence in the future of the products we develop, quality of delivery and stability of the process.


Erbis is a flexible software engineering partner guided by our clients’ goals and needs.

Dedicated Team
Entering the market in the 2000s, we have managed to assemble a large pool of software developers and can allocate dedicated experts exclusively for your project. Whether you need to build a team from scratch or expand an existing one, our specialists will put all their effort into producing a top-tier product that fully meets your business needs.
Fixed price
We can calculate a total project price based on your documentation and available development plan. If you need assistance in creating or finalizing requirements, we can launch the discovery phase to study the business environment and produce a detailed solution vision document.
Time and Material
For narrowly focused requests, we offer a time and material model that gives you complete freedom to scale the project on the go. The model is equally effective as a standalone solution and on-demand service. You can apply it if you are not ready to enter into long-term cooperation or when you need intense expertise on a specific concern.

Agile and Scrum as an Underlying Software Development Framework

This combo has proved to be most efficient for meeting the needs of any project. We rely on the Scrum framework to carry out short and specific meetings. Our approach is to split the whole development process into bi-monthly sprints. This means that our clients can see the progress on a regular basis. Should you decide to give us an assignment today, we’ll have something show to you in as little as 2 weeks! To reach the highest level of client satisfaction, we also apply Agile best practices.


We Follow Agile Principles

To reach the highest level of client satisfaction, we also apply Agile best practices

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