How To Build A Secure SaaS For Enterprise

The second wave of SaaS adoption is on the rise. Modern enterprises invest in SaaS technologies to lower the cost of ownership, reduce the burden of IT operations, and solve scaling challenges. 

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  • What makes SaaS different now?
  • How SaaS are reshaping enterprises?
  • The latest market news
  • How to become enterprise-ready?
  • Security optimization for your SaaS

About Erbis

We develop custom software for startups, SMB, and enterprises since 2012. Our satisfied clients innovate and optimize their business with our solutions for years. Backed by Cloud computing and the latest technologies, we are ready to join your project at any stage. Our developers can naturally extend your team and jump in within two weeks.

Erbis Recognized by Clutch as Top Ukrainian Developer

Whether you’re an enterprise trying to modernize a legacy solution or a startup looking to deploy an MVP, outsourcing software development can lighten your administrative load. But choosing the right partner is easier said than done. Dozens of service providers offer big promises, and it’s difficult to know which is the right choice for your specific project.

That’s where customer reviews come in. Testimonials can back up the claims of service providers like ourselves, confirming that we’re a valuable partner prepared to tackle your next development project.

We’re honored every time we read a review from clients who attest to our development expertise. Many of our reviews can be found on Clutch, a B2B platform that helps businesses with their outsourcing by showcases detailed reviews left by real clients. 

Clutch recently awarded Erbis with the title of Top Developer in Ukraine, a recognition that comes from their analysis of hundreds of businesses in the region.  We know that this honor was made possible because of clients who trusted us to take their business to the next level.

One such client asked us to augment their onshore development team back in 2015. We delivered an innovative solution to provide the best supply chain data service platform.

Here’s what they had to say:

“One of the most impressive things I’ve observed was Erbis Cloud Services’ ability to grasp our technical requirements and understand our business quickly. Within 2 months, Erbis Cloud Services was up-to-speed on our core platform, coming to contribute to our maintenance work, before we came to rearchitect some of the parts of our platform. This is where Erbis Cloud Services started to shine, from a technical expertise perspective.”

This satisfied client is just one among the many others that we’ve helped with cloud databases, platform development, and design. We encourage you to head over to Clutch and read our other reviews to see if we’re the right partner for you.
We think you’ll like what you find.  If so, chat with us today.